CEI Video Series including an Insights for Action Interview with an Industry Leader

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CEI Programs

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Webinar: Relationship Selling

Professional service providers are being challenged like never before to distinguish themselves. Whether working directly with a business owner, advising a board or serving on a cross-functional team, the need to develop greater relationship currency and trust is tantamount to sustained success.

Technical and functional expertise is the foundation for effective performance; however, a growing body of evidence reveals that both client and other trusted adviser engagement is what truly advances & sustains relationships.

Marc Rosen & Judy Bodenhamer, Co-founders of the Client Experience Institute, presented the following webinar to members of the Exit Planning Institute in March of 2017:

Advisory Team Toolkit

CEI’s Professional Advisory Client Team (PACT) toolkit, including the Value Creator Roadmap.

Client Interview Assessment

The importance of gaining critical client insights and acting upon these findings is crucial to a more engaging and lasting relationship.