Podcast: Intro to Relationship Capital

Marc Rosen sat down with Focal Point Social Media to discuss how an abundance mindset in business can be incorporated into establishing and nurturing greater relationship capital. Check out the 18-minute interview:

Gallop B2B Customer Centricity Report

Guide to Customer to Customer Centricity is one of the most robust research reports on the voice of the customer and client expectation management.

Guide to Customer Centricity

Gallop B2B Customer Centricity Report

Webinar: Moving Beyond the Trusted Advisor

From Success to Significance

Professional service providers are being challenged like never before to distinguish themselves. Whether working directly with a business owner, key stakeholder, or serving on a cross-functional team of experts, the need to develop greater relationship currency and trust is tantamount to sustained success.

Technical and functional expertise is the foundation for effective performance; however, a growing body of evidence reveals that both client and other trusted adviser engagement is what truly advances and sustains relationships.


  • What is Relationship Capital and why is it so critical for sustained success?
  • Distinguish the key differences between client service and client engagement
  • Understand how to deploy the different value creation levers for increased relevancy

Learning Outcomes:

  • Adopt a different mindset for developing more meaningful client relationships
  • Better effect outcomes with internal and external stakeholders
  • Influence firm-wide culture regarding client engagement strategies and approaches

Marc Rosen & Judy Bodenhamer, Client Experience Institute, presented the following webinar to members of the Galliard Family Business Advisor Institute in early 2017: