Easy BD business development program

It’s Time to Shift the Thinking about Business Development

EASY BD is an on-demand business development program to help you build your Business Development (BD) effectiveness.

EASY BD consists of 8 weekly sprints which incorporate 24 high-impact video coaching sessions that focus on client engagement, prospect advancement and personal development.

CEI has designed the EASY BD business development program with the busy professional in mind. As a result, by utilizing the portfolio of materials and tools that are accessible anytime 24/7, you will be equipped to accelerate your business development (BD) momentum.

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  1. Keeps you on track with a virtual on-demand business development weekly workout
  2. Aligns your business development goals with activities
  3. Creates cross-servicing conversations
  4. Builds client loyalty and value
  5. Ignites your network connections
  6. Targets and nurtures new business
  7. Enhances revenue growth
  8. Builds your personal brand
  9. Creates business development strength and muscle memory
  10. Celebrates progress and success

Introducing CEI's EASY BD business development program